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Tips for Learning Greek Fluently

C. Tips for Practising Greek

Head for immersion to Greek language and culture

As it has already been mentioned, the key to improve faster in your target language, Greek is to avoid using your mother tongue so as to achieve complete linguistic immersion. In order to become an independent user of Greek, you must learn to think in Greek. To this direction therefore, look for an interesting environment where your first language is not 'allowed' and you need to communicate in Greek all the time (practise a hobby for example or join a social team). This way, by doing something that gives you pleasure, you will 'fill up' holes in your grammar and vocabulary simply by going around them rapidly and automatically.

Be tolerant of ambiguity

It is common for words to have more than one meanings and for grammatical rules to have exceptions. Try going for the general idea every time and figuring out the gist of the unknown words out of the context they appear in. You can practise this with small texts and songs. By increasing also your exposure and your input in the Greek language, you will acquire a better insight of Greek life and culture that will back up and strengthen your learning. Don't be put off by the 'brain-melt' that is inevitable to happen and welcome, as this signifies that your are maximizing your effort learning Greek.

Conversation is very, very important for becoming fluent but don't forget your other skills too

Since you are learning Greek to communicate in the language, emphasis needs to be placed on speaking the language as much as possible with native speakers (or speakers better than you, at least). Receiving corrections from the other person is necessary, whereas a dictionary for reference will make your life easier. Whatsoever, since language learning is a fluid process, remember to practise all four language skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing, as the one 'melds' into the other and this process altogether strengthens your knowledge of Greek.

Keep practising dialogues in your head

Challenge yourself to think in Greek. It is common to have monologues running in our head. By constructing and 'faking' conversations, you continue to practice your Greek. What is more, this way you prepare yourself for a conversation you are likely to have on a topic before it actually happens.

Ask people around you for help

Ask random people, point to something and ask how to say it. Ask them questions. Almost all people are willing to help. People feel proud to see a foreigner trying to learn their language. And above all, the end justifies the means. You have to take advantage of all opportunities you meet in your way in order to reach your goal, that is learning to speak Greek fluently and efficiently.

These tips are dedicated to those who don't lose heart when hearing rumors about something being difficult and to all my students who all these years have taught me more than I have taught them.

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